October 4, 2011


There is an absolute cringe and wrench in my gut reading Eddie Long wants his money back. Ask your wife for her sanity back. Dicking down the homosexual masses, then after the dust settles and checks have been cashed, you wanted a refund. YOU ARE NOT FANNIE FUCKING MAE, her ass even said there was abuse on her end with getting her coins back. There's no damage done to men, let me say that. Those fuckers were fucking him knowing he was married. His ass was in their ass knowing it too. BUT HIS WIFE, where is she at. I'm looking at her. She's the real story to me. I can't even gather my thoughts.

I am going to take lunch from work, get a cosmo && come back.....HAPPY TUESDAY!!!!

September 29, 2011


I first want to say, this blog WILL NOT be about bashing men, I'm a man. It's just going to be me talking about the crazy shit I experience with these crazy ass men. Or conversations I have with my BB'z *Best Bettyz*!! I hear some hot ass shit && I want the WOOOOOOOOORLD to know, some of these mothafuckin' men are GAY gurrl!!

I don't want to be insensitive to the gay struggle. Coming to terms with sexuality, coming out, that's a hard HARD battle within yourself, with the world, within your family. I can abide by a man wanting discretion, I WILL NOT go with the fact that your involved with a woman. I was the man who didn't date females, secretly dated men, so for people to want to out me was baffling to me. I wasn't trying to date you, your sister, your aunt. Maybe your brother, male cousin, best friend Lisa's homeboy Rich from high school. BUT NOOOO WOMEN!! It is hard for people to not assume that bachelor status without women coming in && out of your life, that your not gay, I can't solve that problem as to why they care tho!

I solve that problem of why you can't get into my boogina *rhyming with vagina* CUZ YOUR BABYMOTHER ISN'T JUST YOUR ROOMMATE, SHE'S YOUR WIFE OF 5 YEARS MAN!! So no you can't hump me, want me, date me, talk to me, stop trying to get at me cuz if she tries to get at me, you both are about to GET AT!! Shit that like could really get you popped!!

Enjoy your Thursday....COCKTAIL LUNCH BREAK ON DECK!!! Good day!!!

September 27, 2011


That shit is coming from a married man. We have never kissed. Touched intimately. Had sex. NOTHING. However, upon him 'confiding' in me that he was married and he just needs a release, I told him that he had nothing for me and to end it. He text me that he wants to see. He wants to make it right. I'm paranoid as fuck, shit he might want to kill me. **DISCLAIMER** I would've maced him for dear life and beat the breaks off him.

How can you make something right with me and your already involved. WTF!! Can someone please PLEASE  make some sense of that for me. We don't go together, you can't make anything right with me. Make things right with your WOMAN, the hell. I mean if i would have done it to him and because of all this body in his hands and on his mustache, i could see him wanting to make it work with me. You want me on my wit alone, BOY FUCKIN' BYE && GOODNIGHT!!


September 22, 2011


I AM here to dispel the rumors that we want your men. We take your men. These damn men talk to us on the train. Bus. Behind the counter at Sephora while he's buying you a gift. Your man tells me what you can't do right. Your man starts talking dirty to me. Starts putting his lips on my body. I'm the one to tell your man to calm the fuck down. Get the fuck off of me. Chill the hell out before I get my mace.
 I want to talk about every man who talks to US because they aren’t gay but like ass. Their girlfriend isn’t a freak. She doesn’t listen to what I tell her. It feels better with a man.  I’m just trying something new. I want to talk about every man who tried to make a regular dude put on drag for ‘comfort’. Only wants head. Every man who tries to find a loophole around the fact that the motherfucker that your creeping with has just as much or more testosterone as you do!

 However what makes us different? We are men but If he's not with me, it's someone else and still not you homegirl. Or it could be with just another girl all together. It's 2011, it's a freaky nation we live in and the man you might be living with might be gay. You don't think so. You can’t imagine it. Please girl! Yes, he gay!!!


I'm open minded. I'm a free spirit. I believe men, like women can try something once or shit during your college years and it be called experimenting. WHAT I DON'T BELIEVE IS a man who has a wife, a girlfriend, a misses or whatever the fuck, isn't gay. Hell, you can even be bisexual, but you aren't straight! You are not that straight macho all about woman fuck fags persona you pretend to be. Troy from 3rd ave would beg to differ. Angel from Parkchester would beg to differ. Bunny La Dolce from Dyckman would beg to differ.
Let’s not confuse faint femininity nor bitchassness for a dl male. Some men raised around a lot of women can be naturally feminie. Some men are just born to be punk ass men who like strong ass females. I do question the overly anti-gay men, the usual suspects. Hate is the act of trying to hide a feeling that you would like to be comfortable with but hate it, so you hide it. Hate is THE strongest emotion. In order to hate you must have a certain striking cord with said person or issue and then hate ensues.
I'm not here to give 1,000 ways to tell if your man is a homosexual or a bisexual. I'm here to let you know that he could be cheating with a man. There aren't ways to tell if he's doing other men. It would be reaching for me to say there were. If a man has friends you don't know, lies all the time, is secretive, never has money but isn't showing 'signs' of being gay. He could have a mistress, a full-fledge woman. It has just been my experience that this is a crazy, nasty, vulgar ass world out here so I’m gonna blog that bitch!
It's 2011, it's a freaky nation we live in and the man you might be living