September 29, 2011


I first want to say, this blog WILL NOT be about bashing men, I'm a man. It's just going to be me talking about the crazy shit I experience with these crazy ass men. Or conversations I have with my BB'z *Best Bettyz*!! I hear some hot ass shit && I want the WOOOOOOOOORLD to know, some of these mothafuckin' men are GAY gurrl!!

I don't want to be insensitive to the gay struggle. Coming to terms with sexuality, coming out, that's a hard HARD battle within yourself, with the world, within your family. I can abide by a man wanting discretion, I WILL NOT go with the fact that your involved with a woman. I was the man who didn't date females, secretly dated men, so for people to want to out me was baffling to me. I wasn't trying to date you, your sister, your aunt. Maybe your brother, male cousin, best friend Lisa's homeboy Rich from high school. BUT NOOOO WOMEN!! It is hard for people to not assume that bachelor status without women coming in && out of your life, that your not gay, I can't solve that problem as to why they care tho!

I solve that problem of why you can't get into my boogina *rhyming with vagina* CUZ YOUR BABYMOTHER ISN'T JUST YOUR ROOMMATE, SHE'S YOUR WIFE OF 5 YEARS MAN!! So no you can't hump me, want me, date me, talk to me, stop trying to get at me cuz if she tries to get at me, you both are about to GET AT!! Shit that like could really get you popped!!

Enjoy your Thursday....COCKTAIL LUNCH BREAK ON DECK!!! Good day!!!

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