September 27, 2011


That shit is coming from a married man. We have never kissed. Touched intimately. Had sex. NOTHING. However, upon him 'confiding' in me that he was married and he just needs a release, I told him that he had nothing for me and to end it. He text me that he wants to see. He wants to make it right. I'm paranoid as fuck, shit he might want to kill me. **DISCLAIMER** I would've maced him for dear life and beat the breaks off him.

How can you make something right with me and your already involved. WTF!! Can someone please PLEASE  make some sense of that for me. We don't go together, you can't make anything right with me. Make things right with your WOMAN, the hell. I mean if i would have done it to him and because of all this body in his hands and on his mustache, i could see him wanting to make it work with me. You want me on my wit alone, BOY FUCKIN' BYE && GOODNIGHT!!


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