September 22, 2011


I AM here to dispel the rumors that we want your men. We take your men. These damn men talk to us on the train. Bus. Behind the counter at Sephora while he's buying you a gift. Your man tells me what you can't do right. Your man starts talking dirty to me. Starts putting his lips on my body. I'm the one to tell your man to calm the fuck down. Get the fuck off of me. Chill the hell out before I get my mace.
 I want to talk about every man who talks to US because they aren’t gay but like ass. Their girlfriend isn’t a freak. She doesn’t listen to what I tell her. It feels better with a man.  I’m just trying something new. I want to talk about every man who tried to make a regular dude put on drag for ‘comfort’. Only wants head. Every man who tries to find a loophole around the fact that the motherfucker that your creeping with has just as much or more testosterone as you do!

 However what makes us different? We are men but If he's not with me, it's someone else and still not you homegirl. Or it could be with just another girl all together. It's 2011, it's a freaky nation we live in and the man you might be living with might be gay. You don't think so. You can’t imagine it. Please girl! Yes, he gay!!!

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